Concept and aims of the project

In a profound sense, the concept of the project basically adopts and develops the ideas of “Eurobarometer” – an operating research program of EU – and other alike projects being held in different parts of the world (”Afrobarometer”, “Latinobarometer” and others.). The prime idea of the project is regular (monitoring) measurement of main social moods of CIS countries’ citizens and, first of all, four of Single Economic Space (SES). In perspective, “Eurasian monitor” is supposed to become the core of international (cross-cultural) social researches system operating in post-Soviet space. More details here I. Zadorin. Eurasian monitor – the indicator of integration. Instead of preface

Aims of the project

  • measurement of main social and economical moods of the post-Soviet countries’ citizens, urgent social range of problems and attitude of voters towards main political institutions of the country;
  • measurement of attitudes towards basic social and political events, happenings and processes observed in post-Soviet countries;
  • measurement of outer political and integration orientations of post-Soviet countries’ citizens, attitude towards collaboration among post-Soviet countries and new integration initiatives;
  • measurement of self-identification (post-Soviet, European, Asian, national etc) of former USSR countries’ population; monitoring of the new integration identity formation;
  • Informing state officials, business structures top management, non-governmental non-commercial unions of the third sector, mass media and the public about basic parameters of social moods of former USSR countries’ citizens (CIS, SES).