«Eurasian monitor agency» has joined the project which aims at studying the best world practices of analyzing and forecasting electoral processes organized by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).
14 September
Eurasian Monitor Agency starts the Project on Political Culture in Post-Soviet Countries
30 August
Eurasian Monitor finishes the “Integration Barometer EDB”-2015 (Wave 4)
20 August
New Presentations and Publications
15 May
“Integration Barometer EADB”. Wave 4
02 April
Special Section of Eurasian Monitor and Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (HSE) at 5th Sociological Grushinskaya Conference in Moscow
12 March


Results of “Integration Barometer EDB” (2014) Wave 3 are Available
23 September
Wave 3 of “Integration Barometer EDB” is finished
02 July
Eurasian Monitor at Economic Forum in Astana
21 May
Section of Eurasian Monitor and Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (HSE) at 4th Sociological Grushinskaya Conference in Moscow
12 March


Results of Wave 2 of “Integration Barometer EDB” are Presented
24 September
Eurasian Monitor makes Data Available
07 June
New Data on Monitoring of Social Moods in Post-Soviet Countries in 2004-2012
04 March
Eurasian Monitor at 3rd Sociological Grushinskaya Conference
01 March


Eurasian Monitor Presents the Data
25 December
Eurasian Monitor Participates in 7th Forum of European and Asian Media
11 December
“Integration Barometer EDB” Data is Published
18 September
Eurasian Monitor Starts the Fieldwork of “Integration Barometer EDB”
05 May
Eurasian Monitor Special Section in Moscow
16 March


International Media Sphere: First Measurement Attempts
30 November
Attitudes of Post-Soviet Countries Citizens toward Eurasian Union
15 November
Eurasian Monitor Special Session
03 August
2nd Meeting of Eurasian Monitor Members
12 July
“Sport and Physical Culture in Post-Soviet Population Lifestyles” – EM New Project
30 June
Cross-Border Financial Behavior of CIS Countries Population
15 May
The dynamics of Everyday life Russian Language Usage in Several CIS Countries
05 March
Monitoring of Social Moods of CIS Countries Citizens
04 March


International Scientific Sociological Grushinskaya Conference
12 November
Eurasian Monitor Two New Projects
01 August
Eurasian Monitor 2nd Scientific Conference
05 July
Pilot Ranking of CIS Educational Institutions with State and Municipal Management programs
25 May
Monitoring of Social Moods of Post-Soviet Population. Wave 12
10 February
Economic Crisis in Post-Soviet Countries: Citizens Perceptions
21 January


Monitoring of Social Moods of Post-Soviet Countries Population. New Data
21 July
ЕМ-11. Perception of the common history of the XX cent. by FSU population. Presentation of the results of the study.
30 June
Eurasian Monitor Agency has finished its 11-th series of comparative public opinion studies that took place in 14 post-Soviet countries.
ЕМ-11 Launching. Perception of History
15 March
The Eurasian Monitor Consortium launched Wave 11 of the public opinion set of comparative studies in 14 countries of the former USSR.
People of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine about economic crisis
11 March
ЕМ-10. Monitoring of Social Moods of the population of post-Soviet space
27 January


ЕМ-9. Analytical Report Publication
08 October
The Eurasian Monitor Agency conducted Moscow series of presentations of the study called “What are we interesting for to each other? Perspectives of Humanitarian Communication in CIS countries”
New collection of articles
15 September
Results of ЕМ-9
30 June
The Eurasian Monitor Agency started presenting the results of Wave 9 public opinion comparative studies that took place in several countries of the former USSR.
New research of EM. Wave 9
19 March
Preparatory works on Wave 9 of «Eurasian monitor» has begun.


«Russian language in new independent states»
18 December
Within the bounds of Year of Russian Language International research agency «Eurasian monitor» presented the results of «Russian language in new independent states».
International conference of Eurasian Monitor
15 October
On October 11-12 in Moscow an international symposium «Development of international surveys among post-Soviet countries’ citizens system» has been held.
Start of Wave 8 of EM
15 October
Work on Wave 8 of «Eurasian monitor» has begun.
02 April
“Eurasian monitor” announced about the beginning of Wave 7 of comparative research of social opinions among former USSR countries’ citizens.


Results of Wave 6 presentation
20 December
Works on Wave 6 of international surveys by “Eurasian monitor” are completed.
New offers from “Eurasian monitor”
26 October
Agency «Eurasian monitor» offers it’s services in conducting comparative questionings in order to find social opinions of former USSR countries’ citizens.