«Eurasian monitor agency» has joined the project which aims at studying the best world practices of analyzing and forecasting electoral processes organized by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

14 september 2015

An important task of the project is to unite the efforts of electoral forecasting specialists from Europe, Asia and America, to find ways of improving the methods of forecasting, to expand professional dialogue and practical researches in this area.

Currently the research initiated by the VTsIOM has amassed experience of sociological forecasting of the United Kingdom general elections, Israeli elections for the Knesset, Polish Presidential and Moldovan parliamentary elections.

The study of American experience of election forecasting is planned for October and November 2015 as part of the project. A research group's trip to the US and a series of meetings with electoral forecasting experts from the leading centers is also planned. The subject of the meetings is experience exchange in a field of electoral forecasting, discussion on the perspectives of electoral studies, the used methods, including the ideas/experience of using the combined methods of acquiring and analyzing data, big data, interdisciplinary approach towards the analysis of the electoral processes.