Eurasian Monitor finishes the “Integration Barometer EDB”-2015 (Wave 4)

20 august 2015

Eurasian Monitor Agency has finished the works on Wave 4 of “Integration Barometer EDB”(2015). This year representative surveys were conducted in 9 countries (8 CIS countries and Georgia) in April-May. Analytical part was realized during June and July 2015.

Several preliminary results of the project were presented by Igor Zadorin (EMA Executive Director) on July 1, 2015 at Civic BRICS forum in Moscow and on July 2, 2015 at “Common State Policy: Creation of Unified Strategy” roundtable meeting in Smolensk.

Analytical report was prepared in collaboration with specialists from different organizations (ZIRCON, POF, LCSR HSE).

Presentation of the results (i.e. analytical report, summary, and data) is planned in October 2015. Materials of previous Waves are available on the web-sites of Eurasian Development Bank, Eurasian Monitor and ZIRCON.