About the Project

Eurasian Monitor is the sociology of the space and populations, cultural polyphony and social puzzle of the Northern Eurasia in terms of research and analysis. 

 We are conducting sociology studies in Northern Eurasia that includes almost twenty countries with the population of 300 million people, united with common history but different in terms of religion, languages and culture. We collect and analyze variety of data on social mood, attitudes and preferences of populations of these countries as we believe in the importance of the comparative studies. The goal of the Eurasian Monitor to represent cultural diversity and rich variety of the Northern Eurasia. 

Eurasian Monitor is sociological partnership of understanding between states and population 

Eurasian Monitor is an international nonprofit association of research companies of the Northern Eurasian countries. 
The idea of Eurasian Monitor was developed during the experts’ meeting of research centers from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, that was hold in Kiev in March of 2004. In Aril 2004 we conducted the first pilot survey of Integration Barometer in three countries. In September 2004 we conducted the second round of surveys for Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. By October 19, 2004, the main principals of the project were fixed in the Memorandum of project realization called ‘Eurasian Monitor’.
Since that time we conducted more than thirty studies devoted to different topics (see the list of research projects). 
In February 2006 the members of the research consortium registered non-commercial partnership names as International research agency ‘Eurasian Monitor’ which became the single international operator of the project, that has the rights for conducting the studies and disseminating the results of the joint projects of the Partnership members 
In accordance with the changed legislation of the Russian Federation, the non-profit partnership was transformed (and re-registered) into the International non-profit association of research companies “Eurasian Monitor” in December 2018.
Currently, the Eurasian Monitor consists of ten organizations, regular members of the Association, from seven countries of the Northern Eurasia. Moreover, nine research institutions from other post-soviet courtiers participate in some survey projects of the Association. 
Eurasian Monitor is open for cooperation and aiming to expand the countries number soon. We think that cooperation among researchers of different civic identity will lead to the understanding of current changes and process in the countries of Northern Eurasia. The joint research will contribute to the successful co-existence of the countries, populations and states of the region.

Eurasian Monitor is the system of social monitoring and regular surveys of the populations  

Initially the concept if the project was taken from ‘Euro Barometer’ – the research program developed by the European Union, and other related projects from different parts of the world like on ‘Latino Barometer’ and ‘Asian Barometer’. Joint work of the researchers from new independent states was aimed at creating same regular cross-countries (cross-cultural) social studies among former USSR countries. The key project of the Partnership was the regular study of social well-being of the adult population of the Northern Eurasian countries conducted every six months with the help of the common questionnaire for all the related countries.
Each country-member conducts nationally representative survey for the sample of 1050-2000 people. The common questionnaire comprises two modules:
a) the regular (constant) module includes questions on subjective well-being, attitudes to the government and integration attitudes;
b) the rotating (thematic) module consists of the questions devoted to a particular topic like values, humanitarian interests, cultural connections and so on.
The thematic focus of the Eurasian Monitor includes: 
 · key indicators of social and economic well-being of the population of the Northern Eurasia; 
 · ranking of social problems like fears, uncertainty, insecurity and risks 
 · political preferences and attitudes to the government and state authorities, political leaders and social-political events; 
 · civic and territorial identity of the population as well as the new integration identity; 
 · external political and integration preferences of the population of the Northern Eurasian countries, attitudes towards Eurasian Economic Union and new integrational initiatives; 
 · communication of the citizens of the related countries, languages and media literacy.
The list of all the completed projects and the results of the studies you can find in ‘Research Projects’

Almost fifteen years we have been studding the Northern Eurasian countries in the joint analytical projects devoted to the cooperation, integration and preferences of the populations

All our project results are open!
Analytical reports on results of the Eurasian Monitor project can be find here on the website of the Partnership as well as on the websites of the members of the Association. The results of the research projects were published as academic articles in such journals as ‘Monitoring of Public Opinion’; ‘Politia’; ‘Economic Strategies’; ‘Economic Review EurazEU+’; ‘Eurasian Integration’ and others. During the period of 2006-2010 we managed to publish several volumes with research results of Eurasian Monitor and Integration in Eurasian: sociological measurement. Regular annual reports on the Integration Barometerof Eurasian Bank of Development can be found here (including analytical reports in English) since 2012: (изд-во «Евразийский банк развития»).
Eurasian Monitor is active participant in the general movement toward open data. We publish the primary data from our surveys in the Common Archive of Economic and Sociological data on sophist.hse.ru.

Eurasian Monitor is very thankful to our partners, clients and sponsors for your continues support of the studies.Without you all the mentioned results and publications would not be possible.

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